Speed Cannon Barrel for AEG/HPA in Carbon Fiber


Speed Cannon Carbon Fiber Barrel is a must to have solution for speedsoft builds.

Allowing you to remove the handguard, this grant a very lightweight and minimal solution for speedsoft builds, allowing you to fit directly any Carbon Fiber silencer like a good DSL-T with a Tracer inside directly on the front cap thanks to the proper M14 CONVERSION

As all Outer barrels and/or Speed Cannons from Core airsoft Italy, Carbon Fiber Cannon Barrel have titanium alignement grains and the  alignement of the inner barrel is granted from a spacer fitted inside behind the front cap.

All the product in made in italy using anticorodal aircraf aluminum alloy, real 3k carbon fiber  and titanium. The product is 100% customizable.
Don’t forget to checke the draw in the product gallery to know how to take the measuments and write it directly in the product configuration where you will be able to select also the type of carbon fiber you prefer.
Use a Ergal DROPSTOCK or an Ergal BACKPLATE to complete your super lightweight build for speedsoft and consider to complete the build using any of our buttstock.

The thread is, as always, a standard M32x1,5 6H and will fit on ANY metric standard upper receiver of any brand and the chamber will allow to fit perfectly any brand of hop up chamber. We recommend to check the correct movement expecially for plastic hop up chamber that can have some grip issues due to the very tight tollerances of the two rails.

You can easely find and order this product in Italy from Plepa007 and 22QB Airsoft. You can also make your dream custom build from them!

Write here the lenght you prefer. Check the picture for instructions in the gallery. Minimum lenght is 65mm, maximum lenght is 200mm. For longer lenght, please contact via e-mail.
Select here the Carbon Fiber pipe you prefer.
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Speed Cannon Barrel in Carbon fiber and Aircraft aluminum for AEG/HPA based AEGs for Speedsoft.

What’s a Speed Cannon Cannon Barrel? Can I buy it and is usefull for my Speed soft build?

Speed Carbon Fiber Cannon Barrel and Glossy Fiber Cannon Barrel are two components for the front part of the Airsoft Rifle.

The Product is composed by a total of six elements:

– a front pipe, composed by a nut threaded in M24x1,5, a front cup threaded in M14x1LH, made out of Anticorodal 6082T6 aluminum alloy and the pipe. Inside the pipe is located the alignement ring that grant the perfect alignement of the inner barrel. The front pipe is threaded to allow customer to fit the dedicated Conversion that can be used to attach the tracer directly on the top of the Carbon Fiber Cannon Barrel or Glossy Fiber Cannon Barrel;

– a barrel nut, M32x1,5 threaded that allow to block the proper barrel hop up housing chamber;

– the housing chamber for the hop up chamber;

– 3 alignement grains, specificly made in titanium.

All the aluminum parts are anodized in different colors.

To grant the perfect alignement of the Inner Barrel, as mentioned there is a ring, made out of Delrin (POM, high slip plastic material) and have a internal diameter of 8,60mm with a tight tollerances of -0 / +0,05mm.
The nut is specifically realized with the two guides for the Hop up chamber in the measurement of 2,45mm +/-0,05mm allowing you to get a very good alignement of the hop up chamber. It is possible to be needed to file it a bit in case you use a plastic hop up chamber avoiding wobbling movements.

The Inner Barrel lenght must be enough to reach the alignement diameter of the front cup or the alignement can’t be granted.

The alignement grains are three and are custom made under my design having an head of 3,20mm +0/-0,05 mm of tollerance, granting a very good alignement without having issues from a too much gap between the grains and the upper receiver guides.

The weight can vary from a minimum of 90g based on the lenght.

How “Lenght” stand for?
Here how Lenght is supposed to be taken:

(Note: In this picture is not visible the alignement ring, that is positioned right behind the front threaded cup).

For custom works and thread send and email at core.airsoft.italy@gmail.com

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