Data sheets: Outer Barrels

Carbon Fiber Outer Barrels and Glossy Fiber Outer Barrels are two components for the front part of the Airsoft Rifle. These products are composed of a total of six high-quality elements designed to optimize performance and precision.

Unlike standard barrels made from cast aluminum or zamak, outer barrels made from carbon fiber offer several crucial advantages that significantly enhance the performance of your Airsoft rifle. Firstly, carbon fiber is renowned for its exceptional lightweight properties, in stark contrast to the Anticorodal aluminum alloys used for the inserts, as opposed to the often lower-quality zamak or recycled materials used in cast aluminum. This translates to increased strength and durability, ensuring a product that can withstand even the most extreme conditions.

The production of components with CNC technology and machinery is characterized by a high level of precision, which is reflected in the quality of the final product. Unlike cast aluminum barrels, which may have defects and imprecisions due to the casting process, the precision in the production of carbon fiber barrels guarantees perfect integration with other components of the replica, optimizing shot accuracy and consistency.

Another noticeable advantage is the premium finishes of carbon fiber barrels. These are designed to be visually appealing, with a matte twill finish or, for “Glossy” models, a combination of carbon fiber and colored glass fiber with a glossy surface. Cast aluminum barrels, on the other hand, are often painted, which can lead to fading and wear over time, while Core Airsoft Italy’s carbon fiber barrels are colored with anodized oxidation, which is much more resistant and aesthetically appealing. This is a hallmark of the material’s quality, as it can only be anodized if it’s of the appropriate alloy.

Finally, the lightness of carbon fiber outer barrels is an undeniable advantage. Compared to their cast aluminum counterparts, which can be bulky and add weight to your rifle, carbon fiber barrels offer a lightweight yet extremely durable solution. This results in superior maneuverability and increased ease of movement on the playing field. Investing in a high-quality outer barrel is essential for optimizing your replica’s performance. Choose between the versatility of 3K carbon fiber or the attractive glossy finish in colored fiberglass. Remember to follow the instructions carefully to ensure precise assembly and optimal performance on the playing field.

Key Components:

Threaded Insert M14x1LH: Made from durable Anticorodal 6082T6 aluminum alloy, this insert ensures perfect alignment with the inner barrel, with an internal diameter of 8.60mm and tight tolerances of -0 / +0.05mm.

3K Carbon Fiber Tube: Available with a matte twill finish, with a diameter of 16mm. For “Glossy” models, a combined tube of carbon fiber and colored fiberglass with a glossy surface is available.

Main Chamber in Anticorodal 6082T6 Aluminum Alloy: Designed with two specific guides for the Hop-up chamber measuring 2.45mm +/-0.05mm, ensuring precise alignment.

Titanium Alignment Grains: The three titanium alignment grains offer a series of significant advantages over other solutions adopted by competitors and in cast barrels. Firstly, the choice of titanium guarantees unrivaled precision. These grains are made under careful design, with a head of 3.20mm, ensuring impeccable alignment without the concern of any discrepancies between the grains and the Upper receiver guides.

The strength of titanium is another strong point to consider. Compared to other solutions, often made of less robust materials, titanium offers superior durability over time. This extra robustness translates to greater reliability on the playing field, allowing you to focus on your performance without worrying about potential defects or wear.

Finally, the lightness of titanium contributes to optimizing the overall weight of the weapon. This aspect is crucial to ensuring superior maneuverability during your gaming sessions, enabling greater agility and ease of movement.

All aluminum parts are anodized in various shades, providing additional protection and an appealing look.

Usage Tips:

Ensure that the length of the inner barrel is sufficient to reach the front threaded insert. Only then can proper alignment be guaranteed.

In case a plastic Hop-up chamber is used, it may be necessary to lightly file the main body to prevent unstable movements.

With a minimum weight of 60g, the length of the barrel significantly impacts the overall performance of your replica.

How to Measure “Length” for Custom Outer Barrel Orders:

To correctly determine the required length, follow these steps:

Measure the distance from the point of contact with the front threaded insert to the exit of the Hop-up chamber drum, as indicated in the figure below.