Matchless Precision: Review of Core Airsoft’s best Outer and Speed Cannon Barrel

Matchless Precision: Review of Core Airsoft’s Outer Barrels and Cannon Barrels

What’s a Carbon Fiber Outer Barrel or Cannon Barrel? Can I buy it, and is it useful for my Airsoft or Speedsoft build?


Whether you’re a casual enthusiast or a professional Airsoft and Speedsoft player seeking maximum precision in an extremely minimal, lightweight, yet durable solution, look no further! Core Airsoft Italy has the perfect solution: Carbon Fiber Outer Barrel and  Speed Cannon Barrel are here, in this shop! In this article, we will explore the features of this products and discover how it can enhance your gaming experience by catering to all possible needs and solutions!

1. High-Quality Materials and customization

The Core Airsoft Carbon Fiber Outer Barrel and Speed Cannon Barrel are constructed with top-notch materials to ensure durability and resilience. Precision-engineered through CNC machining, it is designed to withstand the most challenging conditions on the playing field. Its solid structure guarantees a long lifespan, making it an affordable investment for everyone and ideal for professional use. All components are made of ALSI6061T6 aluminum alloy, also known as Anticorodal, an aerospace alloy that has undergone hardening treatment and is perfectly suited for aesthetic anodizing. The main body, a tube made of real 3k carbon fiber, is lightweight and durable, housing an aligner for the inner barrel to ensure perfect alignment. The chamber aligns seamlessly with the upper receiver thanks to three titanium pins. Of course, this product offers an immense array of customizations. In the configurator, you can choose the length that suits you best, your preferred color from the 13 available in the Core Airsoft Italy catalog, and select from 4 different types of carbon fiber. The configurator will provide you with an instant quote for the final price!

2. Precision, Installation, and Maintenance

One of its strengths is its precision. Thanks to advanced design and minimal tolerances, this accessory offers unparalleled shooting stability. Players can enjoy more precise shots. Correct tolerances combined with quality components like the aluminum hop-up make this product suitable for the most demanding professionals. One distinguishing feature is its ease of installation. Even less experienced players can enjoy the benefits of this accessory without facing complicated assembly processes, allowing versatility and time savings for shops and preparatory technicians. Depending on the brand of the hop-up chamber you choose, ensuring the correct smoothness of the guides in the chamber is sufficient, and you’re good to go! Titanium alignment pins will take care of the rest, and if you opt for high-end CNC-machined receiver sets, you won’t achieve better results. This product requires no maintenance!

3. Compatibility and Accessories

Designed to be compatible with a wide range of replica models, this accessory will seamlessly fit into your existing arsenal, offering a significant upgrade without the need to completely change your gear. All Handguards will fit both Carbon Fiber Outer Barrel and Cannon Barrel, just keep in mind that you will need a freefloating handguard. BUT, thanks to the special barrel nut with a standard M32x1.5 thread you will be able to install the Speed Cannon Barrel without any handguard, allowing you to secure everything without the need for adhesives or thread lockers. In the front part of the Speed Cannon Barrel, the cap can be threaded with M14x1LH, and thanks to the Conversion, you can screw a DSL-T equipped with a Tracer on the tip. Any brand of tracer is compatible with this solution!

Yes! Both Carbon Fiber Outer Barrel and Speed Cannon Barrel will be, from 2024, compatible, thanks to the special attackments, with:

A Carbon Fiber Barrel Extension is also available in the shop for those just needs a small adjustment!

4. Feedback

Players who have already experienced Core Airsoft’s Speed Cannon Barrel are enthusiastic about the results. Positive feedback focuses on its reliability, precision, and ease of installation. Currently, two teams have chosen our sponsorship for professional use: Normans Speedsoft in Italy and Gunfire Project V2 in Poland use our products for national and international competitions!

Some example of customized Carbon Fiber OuterBarrels and Speed Cannon Barrel!

Speed Cannon Barrel Carbon fiber Airsoft

How to take measurements for the configuator!